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Bill Bigham, MD

Medical & Surgical
Eye Care Specialist
Bill Bigham, M.D.

Dedicated to personal and complete eye care, Dr Bigham is actively involved in teaching, research and direct patient care. Dr. Bigham also has served as the Surgeon General’s Specialty Leader for Ophthalmology for many years, playing an important role in bringing laser refractive surgery to the Navy and other military services.
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Special Services offered:

  • Look your best with BOTOX!®

  • Restylane treatment for wrinkles

  • Laser Eye Surgery

  • Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

  • Medically Necessary plastic & reconstructive surgery around the eyelids


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Vision and Eye Sevices Offered:

  • Evaluation for changes in vision

  • Evaluation for eye discomfort

  • Examination for glasses

  • Vision evaluation for driving

  • Care of dry eyes

  • Cataract evaluation and surgery

  • Macular degeneration diagnosis &

  • Gluacoma Diagnosis & Management

    • Medicine
    • Laser
    • Surgery

  • Diabetic exam & treatment

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